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Monday, June 13, 2011

Who's in Control Anyway?

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Our bodies know how to heal themselves.   A broken bone knits itself together, skin regenerates itself underneath a protective scab, neural pathways in the brain can rewire themselves.   Pretty standard stuff you say?  Yes, we've become quite nonchalant.  But if you take a moment to think about it, our body's ability to heal itself is actually quite amazing. 

Who's in control of this healing?  The doctor?  Doctors prescribe the most effective medication available, dispense the most current advice, then wait to see how a body responds.  Some bodies respond with healing, some don't.  No, I don't think the doctor is in control. 

What about energy healers?  Are they in control of the physical healing by manipulating your energy?  Again, the answer is "no".  If you come across an energy healer who tells you otherwise run away....fast. 

A good energy healer recognizes she doesn't control anything.  Using her intention, she allows your body's natural healing to take place.  That's all there is to it.  Modalities, like sound healing and Reiki for example, are tools healers use to assist with focusing their intent.   Using these tools without intention is like trying to drive a car without wheels - you're not going to get anywhere.

I recently attended a talk given by Simon Hay, Soul Healer , an Australian on business in the U.S.  Thanks to host Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings Simon crossed the border into Canada where I heard him speak.  He is an amazing healer/regular guy who teaches that every one of us is a healer.   According to Simon:

"Healing is attention without direction. When I’m healing, spirit reminds me that I’m not in control. My only purpose is to be attentive. My intention is to heal, not heal something, or heal this way. This allows me to see what’s happening and not create the outcome. We’ve forgotten that our bodies can self-heal."  The rest of his article can be read here.

In the world of energy healing, when it comes to control, less always results in more.


  1. What a great post!! I think it is fascinating how our bodies repair themselves. Thanks for sharing :) Jenn

  2. I love this! What we put out this energetically does manifest. Our thoughts and beliefs are very powerful.

    Beautiful blog!

  3. I enjoyed that very much. I know so little about non-medical healing. I need to learn more, always love your posts.


  4. @ Jenn - me too - the more I think about it the more fascinated I become.

    @Marian - yes, they are! We need to remember they're not separate from our bodies - we truly are mind/body/spirit beings.

    @pbqulg - happy to hear you enjoy reading - I enjoy sharing

  5. Another calming, thoughtful post. Coming here always fills me with a little more peace than I started with. *hugs*

  6. I agree with you. Intention plays a significant role in the healing process.

    My GBE 2 Control blog: http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/2011/06/issues-of-control.html

  7. @Karen - We all need reminders every now and then :)

    @Mojo Writin' - What a wonderful compliment - thank you!

    @Theresa Wiza - It sure does - not only in energy healing but in mainstream medical healing too.

  8. Wow, it is nothing short of miraculous the way the body heals itself. Great blog with a lot of interesting information! Love it!


  9. OMG this so touched my essence ". I looked into her brown eyes and I saw, her. She stopped bleeding." YUP you're my number one so far this week

  10. @Kathy29156 - I agree! Because the miracle happens so regularly and predictably we've stopped being amazed - but that doesn't make it any less miraculous.

    @Brenda Stevens - Simon's article has such a great message. Control doesn't always look like "control" - sometimes it just looks like a guy and his dog. You have to move beyond the relationship to truly give up control.

  11. I love this! I think that Western medicine often ignores the most powerful healing tools in favor of lesser (and frequently dangerous) methods.

  12. Hi Laurie,

    It is great to hear you enjoyed Simon's talk so much and what he shares in his latest article too (thank you for the link love also).

    And this message you share is so powerful! Yes, the whole basis of our health system should be on the idea that our bodies have a natural, innate ability to heal. However, today we have completely overlooked that and in most cases work against it. It is a good thing more and more of us are recognizing it and coming back to the most natural way of living.

  13. Interesting read! I agree with Beth, the West ignores some really great healing methods.

  14. Thank you! This is a beautiful commentary on the true nature and source of healing. How amazing we are!

    Om and Blessings,


  15. @ Word Nerd - Yes, the influence big pharmaceutical corporations have is scary.

    @Evita - I often refer to our health care system as our sick care system. The system isn't designed to support people staying healthy. There used to be minimal chiropractic coverage, but they reduced it several years ago..... so much for progress....

    @ResidentGamer - We really do. The East has a much better approach - they embrace both of what we refer to as mainstream and complimentary medicine in recognition that both have important contributions to make to a persons health.

    @Truealignment - We are amazing indeed!

  16. Excellent article. There is definitely a lot to be said for self healing.

  17. @Tony Payne - I agree - lets tell everyone!

  18. I agree with this concept - whether it's medical or spiritual. If you believe in God, then it's God who allows things to happen, to heal. If you believe in auras, etc, then it's the body and/or the mind that makes a difference. As I told a friend today, you cannot force a mind to accept what it isn't willing to accept.

  19. Fantastic post. I believe we are far able to do a better job of healing ourselves if we just let it happen. Great post :) Brenda linked ya :)

  20. Fantastic and interesting post. This is something that I definitely needed to read. As a diabetic and someone without insurance, I am terrified I am going to end up sick and helpless because I can't afford to do all the treatments American Diabetes Association prescribes. Thank you for this. :)

  21. @SJerZGirl - I like your insight on the accepting (or non-accepting) mind. I think believing in god and believing in energy are not mutually exclusive. I think a person can believe in both without compromising either. My personal belief is they are the same thing.

    @AHBrowne (Kim) - I totally agree. The hard part is letting go and letting it happen. (And thanks Brenda for the link!)

    @Melissa Bradley - I hope you can find an energy practitioner local to you who can help you supplement your healing and fill in the treatment gaps. Do whatever you can to replace the fear with love and hope! :)


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