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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Speak Easy

Do the words we speak - about ourselves and others - affect our health and well-being?  You bet they do!  Not only do they affect us, they affect those around us.

Although there may be sounds in our lives that we cannot change, we always have some control over what we allow in our environment.


Here are four proactive steps to improve the sounds that surround you.  Take a moment and think about your sound life:

1.  Which sounds and words are positive and which do you find abrasive?  Do you allow yourself intervals of quiet and silence?  Do you reserve time for yourself where you control what's in your air space?

2.  Think about the words you hear from others.  Are there any that are consistently negative and that make you unhappy or drag you down?

3.  The sounds of your own discontent can create discontent within others.  Think about the words you speak that impact those in your sphere of influence.  Where is there room for improvement?

4.  Imagine your ideal sound environment.  What kinds of sounds would you include?  What sounds would you eliminate?

I'd love to hear from anyone who tries this for themselves.  Please leave a comment or send me an email sharing your experience.  Did you make quiet time for yourself?  Identify and eliminate your own personal negative words?  Create your preferred sound environment?  Did this make any difference at all in the way you felt that day?  The following day?  Did those around you behave differently when you changed the words you used?  Your feedback is appreciated.


  1. Hi Laurie. Thank you for following me recently on my L'Aussie travel blog. It takes awhile to get around to everyone.

    I prefer the sound of the ocean before any other sound. I'd eliminate those emergency sounds if I could - sirens etc.


    Romantic Friday Writers - Second Challenge - LOST

  2. @L'Aussie - ahhhh...to live close to the ocean! Being land-locked, my favourite sound is a gentle summer breeze tickling the leaves of the trees... devine....

  3. Great post, Laurie!

    I'm quite sensitive to sound - as in: sharp and loud sounds really hurt - so I tend to be very aware of the soundscapes around me and need to spend enough time in a quiet, calm environment.

    Here are 2 interesting TED talks about sound and how it affects us:



  4. @K.C. Woolf - thanks for sharing these 2 Ted Talks - they are very interesting. I like that he makes reference to sound healing therapies! I linked to another sound related Ted Talk in an earlier post. You can find it here:



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