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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Relax into Healing

We all know we should relax more. 

 And we all know how difficult it can be to relax.

But here's something we don't all know:

It has been proven that relaxing can fundamentally change your health.

According to Mario Beauregard, author of "Brain Wars", the Harvard Medical School conducted a study which showed that more than 2200 genes were activated differently between people who practiced relaxation and people who didn't.  Perhaps even more interesting, they discovered a gene that is turned on or off by stress is turned the other way during relaxation.   Wow!

Relax with Reiki

Understanding that relaxation can change the way your body operates at this most fundamental level helps to explain the benefits of reiki.  During a reiki treatment you achieve a state of deep relaxation, which is usually accompanied by increased energy and feelings of well-being.  Well, no wonder!  You're giving those stressed-out genes a chance to express themselves in a more balanced way.

There are many ways to relax and trigger the body's innate ability to heal.  If you're not sure which approach is best for you,  why not try reiki?

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