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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some days a skeptic

In his book "The Healing Promise of Qi" Roger Jahnke tells us "From simply becoming aware of the existence of Qi in the world and within yourself, you may eventually be able to learn directly from the Qi itself.  While you already know this as a theory, one of the rewards of Qi cultivation is that, over time, you can go beyond mental concepts.  You may evolve or mature to a deep knowing or experiential grasp that Qi is the essence of everything.  It will become clear that you are Qi.  You are primarily energy and consciousness, and your body is a vehicle for your multidimensional self.  This is challenging.  The invisible part of your multidimensional self becomes more dominant than the visible part of yourself.  The physical and physiological selves become secondary to the energetic self, the mental/emotional self and the transcendental or spiritual self."

Check out the book "The Healing Promise of Qi"

I am a skeptic at heart, and when I started Tai Chi thought all the energy talk was nothing but mumbo-jumbo.   As I practiced, I eventually started to experience signs of Qi within - for me, tingling hands and feeling spacey.  Still I remained skeptical.  As my Qi experience grew, I became interested in other energy-related arts.  First was Reiki.  I didn't have a clue how it worked, and to be honest, am still not sure we really do understand it.  Still a skeptic. Then came Sound Therapy.  Now at least that sounded like science -  sound waves, vibrations and the like.    But my clients' experiences were not science-like at all.   I couldn't explain any of it, so I stayed in my comfortable skeptic zone.  After Sound Therapy I learned Shamballa .  To say this challenged my internal skeptic is an understatement!  There was not a whiff of science, just channelled messages from long dead saints.  Oh my, how did I end up here?  How does this stuff work?  None of it makes any logical sense.  My mind can't understand, yet I see it work every time with my own eyes.    I think this is what Roger means when he says "you can go beyond mental concepts".    Some days I go beyond mental concepts.  Some days I'm still a skeptic.

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  1. Girl, it's the never ending story! I admire your ability to stay grounded through all our adventures in chi.


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