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Monday, June 20, 2011

First, love

If you can love, you can heal.

The more I practice healing others, the more I realize that healing is love.  

And love is healing. 

When healing we speak of "intention", but what exactly does that mean?  The dictionary will tell you that to have intention means to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim. 

Strangely, when healing, it means almost the opposite.   Yes, you have a purpose (to heal) but there is no directing the mind to make a specific healing happen.  There is no aiming to control the outcome.  To heal you relinquish control (see last weeks post) and just allow whatever happens to happen.   You support your client and trust that s/he gets what's needed  - even if neither of you understand it. 

Relinquish control.  Trust.  Support.  Kind of sounds like love, doesn't it? 

First, love.  Healing will follow. 


  1. Interesting thought.


  2. So many interesting thoughts with the same topic! I am amazed!

  3. It is that relinquishment that I miss. You nailed it. Well done.

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you never know if the client will trust..yup...desire healing so much to let the unbelievable HAPPEN! death is healing gosh you always are my favorite with truth and simplicity..i guess = "pure"? oh who needs words !! ((hugs)) oh my capitcha is gyroth almost like GROWTH hehe..oh i must have spelled it wrong..now its gyzfuak..dang

  5. This is very true.

  6. Oooh, I see what you did there.... Sneaky little comma where it wasn't expected, but it was a very cool and true post for that insertion *hugs*

  7. Healing and love kind of go hand in hand don't they.

  8. @Joyce Lansky - thanks - I hoped so

    @Claudia Moser - that's the coolest part of group blogging

    @SJerZGirl - it's simple but not easy

    @Brenda Stevens - exactly!

    @D Ana - I think so too

    @Mojo Writin' - sometimes you just have to tweak things a bit

    @Tony Payne - they sure do!!

  9. Interesting idea. Good little post.

  10. Very interesting. I hadn't thought of it this way, but you're right.

  11. Laurie Namaste,

    And thank you for this post. It is beautifully expressed and absolutely true. When we realize we are the source of love, we can heal ourselves and then support others to heal. It has nothing to do with the mind and everything to do with what the mystics call the Great Heart, or the Void.

    Om and Blessings,


  12. Placing a comma between the words changes the meaning of the words. Nobody else I've read (so far) took this challenge the way you did. Creative! http://myheartblogstoyou.blogspot.com/2011/06/one-moms-first-love.html

  13. Wonderful thoughts! It can be so difficult to just let go, trust and love.

  14. This is perfect and so wise! I will take this to heart--for sure!

  15. @Peter Petterson - thanks - I try to keep them short.

    @Alison - I hadn't really thought of it this way before either. This is a relatively new learning for me.

    @Julie - thank you for your wise words.

    @Theresa Wiza - the power of the comma never ceases to amaze me.

    @Sylvia Ney - yes it can! All we can do is continue to try.

    @Marian - thank you

  16. As usual, this is one of my favorite blogs and does not disappoint.
    A Pirate Looks Past Sixty

  17. I love visiting your blog. Your words always resonate and I feel their truth. Wonderful, as always.

  18. @Word Nerd - Thanks. And thank you for hosting the GBE2 and giving us weekly inspiration! :)


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