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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Phew! I did it.

I did it!

The April A-Z challenge was an awesome opportunity to connect with other bloggers, find great new blogs to follow and hone up on my posting skills.    I have to admit though, I'm glad it's over.  Thirty posts in thirty days is tough for me to sustain.  In non-April months I'm not usually online on a daily basis, so I'm happy to revert back to my pre-challenge posting schedule of once per week (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on life).

The main focus of my future posts will continue to be the healing energy arts, though I plan to cast my idea-net a little wider.  Later this month I will be attending the 14th World Congress on Qigong and hope to learn some great stuff I can share with you.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, Shamballa or Sound Therapy, please leave a comment on this post.  I'll do my best to answer it for you.


Monday, April 30, 2012


Z is for Zest

Zest (noun)

 ORIGIN late 15th C: from French zeste ‘orange or lemon peel,’ of unknown origin.

•  Great enthusiasm and energy
     They blogged with zest and intelligence.
• A quality of excitement and piquancy
    They added zest to the blogosphere.

Thanks to all my fellow A - Z Blogging Challenge buddies.  Your posts and comments have been enlightening, moving, hilarious, and thought provoking.  And many thanks to those of you who became followers, I hope you continue to visit and comment.   You have all shown your zest for writing, for friendship, for supporting each other.  For life.

You are awesome!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Yin Yang

Y is for Yin Yang

The yin yang symbol is ancient, steeped in symbolism and meaning.  Many 
philosophers have attempted to explain the universe in terms of this symbol.
Below is an excerpt from the poem "Identity of Relative and Absolute", written by
 Zen Master Shih-t'ou Hsi-ch'ien  (700-790 CE)

Picture courtesy of Wikipedia

 當明中有暗    In the light there is darkness,
勿以暗相遇    but don't take it as darkness;
當暗中有明    In the dark there is light,
勿以明相睹    but don't see it as light.
明暗各相對    Light and dark oppose one another
比如前後歩    like the front and back foot in walking.
萬物自有功    Each of the myriad things has its merit,
當言用及處    expressed according to function and place.
事存函蓋合    Phenomena exist; box and lid fit;
理應箭鋒拄       principle responds; arrow points meet.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Xing Yi Quan

X is for Xing Yi Quan

Xing Yi Quan is one of the major "internal" styles of Chinese martial arts.    The style is characterized by aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power.    Xing Yi Quan uses coordinated movements to generate bursts of power intended to overwhelm the opponent, simultaneously attacking and defending.

The video below gives a real quick overview of the history and theory of Xing Yi and shows the movements being performed.  And there's a woman demonstrating - yay!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wise Words

W is for Wise

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.
William Shakespeare

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than 
you can see.
Winston Churchill

Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein 

The well bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.
Oscar Wilde

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn 
from a wise answer.
Bruce Lee

Life's Tragedy is that we get old to soon and wise too late. 

Benjamin Franklin

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
Khalil Gibran

For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no 
limited dimensions.
Lao Tzu

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good Vibrations

V is for Vibration

The whole universe is vibrating.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed and transferred.

Energy and matter are different states of the same phenomenon. 

The energy that manifests itself as matter is constantly vibrating.

The most common and obvious way we experience these vibrations is through sound.   Here are some links for you to listen to the vibrations of the universe:

If you think what you say or how you say it doesn't matter, watch here to see the human voice create vibrational patterns 

And the best "good vibrations" of them all.... The Beach Boys:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank a Tree!

T is for Trees

Not only are trees beautiful, trees are really important to the health of our planet, and by extension, to our own personal health.  Here's some of the things trees do for us:
  • Trees are our planet's lungs.  They convert the CO2 humans exhale into oxygen.  According to http://coloradotrees.org/, an adult tree can change 48 pounds of carbon every year into enough oxygen to keep two people alive.

  • Trees reduce ozone levels.  In large cities this can mean milder temperatures and more breathable air.

  • Trees prevent soil erosion -   their roots stop soil from washing away.

  • Trees moderate temperatures.  They absorb summer heat, cast some shady relief  and provide a windbreak from chilly winter winds.

  • Trees provide food in the form of fruit, nuts and even maple syrup (yum).

                          Click here for some fun facts about trees.
And perhaps most important of all - trees can be fun!

Thank a tree!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sound Healing

S is for Sound

Last year my A-Z entry for the letter "S" was Sound Healing - you can read it here. 

You might be wondering why I would choose the same subject again this year.  Well, I'm taking a different approach.   Rather than expect you to read about the benefits of sound healing,  I'll let you experience sound healing for yourself.  Right here.  Right now.

David Hickey is an incredibly talented sound healer who travels across North America with his Crystal Journey tour.  David's stated mission is "To create expansive, improvised and beautiful music, to awaken consciousness, to promote peace and to restore balance of the self and the planet." 

Click on the play button and give it a try.  Keep an open mind and listen for at least three minutes - it takes him that long to really get things going.  And close your eyes so you're not distracted by watching him play.

I hope you enjoyed it!

Click here to find out more about David and his healing Crystal Journey

Friday, April 20, 2012

Reiki for Health & Wellness

R is for Reiki

Here are 4 really good reasons to give Reiki a try:
  1. Reiki can never do harm.  The Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for the energy and your body does the rest.  You and your body are in control of your own healing.   
  2. Reiki is not a religion.  Although Reiki is spiritually guided, Reiki has no religious affiliation.  You do not have to "believe" in anything for Reiki to work.   
  3. Reiki does not interfere with your current medications or treatments.  Reiki is a complementary healing technique that  is used in hospitals and hospices.
  4. Reiki works on both chronic illness (e.g. stress related complaints) and acute conditions (e.g. sports injuries). 
The benefits of Reiki:
  • pain relief
  • reduced stress
  • improved sleep
  • increased energy
  • feelings of well-being

People who have regular Reiki treatments feel more balanced and report an increased enjoyment in life.  So what are you waiting for?  Why not try Reiki today?  All you've got to lose is your stress.

Click here to find a Canadian Reiki Association registered Practitioner near you.

"It is good, I think, for our hearts, our minds, our imaginations, to be stretched; but body, nerve, endurance and life-span are not as elastic."   Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Qi Gong for Everyone

Q is for Qi Gong

Six things you wanted to know about Qi Gong but didn't know who to ask:
  1. How do I pronounce "Qi Gong"?

    Qi is pronounced "chee"
    Gong is pronounced" gung" (rhythms with lung)

  2. What is Qi Gong?

    A powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China.   It's the art and science of using breathing and gentle movement to cleanse, strengthen and circulate life energy (qi).  Read more from Qi Gong master Ken Cohen here
  3. What are the basic principles of Qi Gong

    Breathing and being relaxed are two of the fundamental basics.  Watch Qi Gong master Ken Cohen demonstrate them here  http://youtu.be/I3GuK1OVbCc

  4. What do you do with Qi Gong?

    Qi Gong is used as a healing modality  Watch a qi gong treatment

    It is applied in sports and martial arts to improve strength and stamina

    It is used as a spiritual discipline

  5. Who can do Qi Gong?

    Everyone!  Qi Gong can be done standing, seated or even laying down.  Its gentle techniques are appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.  It can even be tailored to suit the ill, injured or palliative student.

  6. How do I find a Qi Gong instructor?

    Your local martial arts club may offer Qi Gong, or at least,  may point you in the direction of a local Qi Gong group.

    Check your local recreation centres.  Even if they don't offer Qi Gong, many rec. centres offer Tai Chi and Tai Chi instructors are often well versed in Qi Gong.

    If these options don't work for you, try the Qi Gong Institutes International Directory of Qi Gong Teachers and Therapists

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


P is for Possibillian

 Yes, "possibillian" is really a word.  Granted, you won't find it in any dictionary (yet), but there's an entry for it on wikipedia, so it must be a real word, right?

Possibillian was coined by neuroscientist David Eagleman in response to being asked whether he was an atheist or a religious person.   He replied "I call myself a Possibilian: I'm open to ideas that we don't have any way of testing right now. "
"Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd"

Once we get beyond the toolbox of science, no one knows anything for certain.  Actually, the only thing we do know for certain is the magnitude of things we don't know.    Being a possibillian means you don't have to limit yourself to one belief system - you can be open to multiple possibilities and ideas at the same time.  And it's okay to say "I don't know" - what a novel and freeing idea!

If you're interested in possibillianism you can watch David here or check out his website here

"Celebrate possibility and praise uncertainty."  David Eagleman

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Good Omen

O is for Omen

 If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know I struggle with my internal skeptic, even when it comes to Reiki.  Though I've been practicing it for several years now and KNOW it works, I can be skeptical.  Certainly not about the results, but about what the heck Reiki really is anyway.    I know the history of Reiki and have listened closely to my Reiki master, but never felt like I understood.

I did some research into acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine.  I learned another energy-based modality.    In these, and even in traditional western medicine, I realized that while we can usually explain what happens and when, we often don't know the how or why behind it.   I realized that my path is not the one of scientific inquiry which will one day, I'm sure, explain so much of what seems unexplainable right now.  No, my path is that of practitioner, of healer.  Of using the tools of Reiki to help people, even though they may seem mystical to me.  With this realization I felt I was ready to take the final step and become a Reiki master. 

During day one of my master training, I shared this insight with the group.  There was nodding of heads and general support around the table.  A short while later I noticed a 4 inch long feather on the floor beside my chair.   Knowing my Reiki master has a few feathers she uses during ceremonies, I returned it to her.  No, she said, it wasn't hers.    She'd never seen the feather before and wasn't sure how it may have come into her house.    The feather, she thought, was intended for me and I should keep it.

Hmm.  Call me superstitious, but I'll interpret that feather as a sign.  A sign that I'm on the right path.  A  good omen.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Nomad in Two Worlds

N is for Nomad

I met a real nomad!  Okay, “met” is maybe too generous a word.  More accurately, I was in the presence of a real nomad.  I went to a small, local “support the arts” type bar to hear Tibetan musician Amchok Gompo.

He played a traditional Tibetan dramyin (long-necked lute) and sang in his native language.  He played an assortment of Tibetan folk songs and music he had written himself.  The music was haunting, almost chant-like, and at times even toe tapping - very unique and quite enjoyable.   During the break between sets the local “support the arts” type bar-owner pulled a chair up onto the stage beside him and asked about his life in Tibet.  It was quite candid and intimate and even members of the audience were allowed to ask questions.  It was surreal, listening to someone younger than myself talk about his nomadic lifestyle.  To me, “nomad” is a way of life described only in history books – not a lifestyle that coexists in time and space with smart phones and Wii.  He told us, in broken English, he had no formal schooling in Tibet and learned music by memorizing the songs his uncle used to sing.   He said he likes the weather here in Canada (loud groan from the audience) because it reminds him of home, except in Tibet he lived in a tent (loud sounds of audience admiration).  (It’s a Canadian birthright to complain about living through the winter weather and we’re down right impressed by anyone doing it in a tent!)  He is very proud of his heritage and what is most important to him is to share his culture with the rest of the world.   He left just a few days after I saw him, gone on a one-man world tour.   And as much as his life has changed since he left Tibet, he's still a nomad.  No longer following the seasons, but following his heart and his music.

Find out more about this unique musician who has played for the Dalai Lama

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Me & My Motorcycle

M is for Motorcycle

My 2011 A-Z post for the letter "M"  was  about my motorcycle.  Sorry folks, I'm doing it again this year - but this time I'm not even going to try to tie it into by blog theme.   It's a non-sequitur all the way.

Last April I had put down a deposit on a Honda 250 and it was delivered in early June.  Here's me and my new motorcycle on delivery day.

Hubby and I headed out on our first motorcycle road trip in 20 years.  We packed up the bikes

and headed to Calabogie in northern Ontario so hubby could get some track time. 

We spent the next few days riding around Calabogie enjoying the scenery

We had such a good time on those roads we're going back again this year.  

Can't wait!