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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celebrate Success

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No matter what your personal definition of success, be sure to celebrate it as often as possible.  We tend to think of success as the measurement of some great achievement, like a job promotion or a big financial purchase.  But success comes in small packages too.  Like a tasty meal prepared for, and enjoyed with, loved ones.  Like a well-tended garden that supplies flowers or vegetables for your table.  Like the sound of a quiet house after baths and bed time (aahh).  These too are measures of success.  Being almost daily accomplishments doesn't make them any less valuable.  In fact, I would argue that it makes them even more important.  Celebrate them!

Life is a series of moments
To live each one is to succeed
                            Corita Kent


  1. Very short, sweet and directly to the point! Excellent post! Loved the quote too!

  2. @Dances with Vodka - thanks for your comment and for your help on Facebook. Much appreciated!

  3. The small-package successes are my favorites. Well done!

  4. Very charming post. One of my favorite quotes on success is by Zig Ziglar. "Success is not a destination, it's a journey."

  5. Remembering this does make life more enjoyable. I try to have a small lovely moment, a laugh, something, with each of my kids every day. Not so easy lately with the teen....

    -Tonja at http://tonjasmusings.blogspot.com (still can't comment normally)

  6. Great post!! I celebrate the small successes too!!


  7. I love celebrating the small successes...they really add up. And the journey along the way is wonderful! Cheers, Jenn

  8. @Word Nerd - they're my favourites too.

    @CL - another great quote - I love quotes.

    @ Anonymous - what a great daily goal - I hear you about the teens :)

    @Kathy29156 - I try to as well. Otherwise I have to wait way too long between celebrations.

    @Jenn - and it's all about the journey!

  9. Short but meaningful. My success post is short and to the point too. I like those kind! Please stop by.

    I am #34.


  10. Ah yes, this is a wonderful reminder. Great post.

  11. @Joyce Lansky - I like short posts too - like to write them, like to read them.

    @Langley - thanks!

  12. I celebrate the tiny things for my kids, but I don't do that for myself. Maybe I don't think I'm worthy...Interesting. But you are so right. If you aren't enjoying those moments then you really aren't enjoying life!

  13. Congratulations, you won the Overlord Award! pop by my place to pick it up ;)

  14. I love the concept of celebrating each success, no matter how large or small. Great idea! Thank you.

    Theresa Wiza

  15. @Spedmom - time to start celebrating your successes too.

    @Mojo Writin' - thanks for the award, I'll be showing it off real soon.

    @Theresa Wiza - you're welcome.


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