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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seeing the Energy of Sound

The science and art of cymatics, a process for making sound waves visible, is demonstrated by Evan Grant.  Cymatics is useful for analyzing complex sounds (like dolphin calls), it also makes complex and beautiful designs.

What does Cymatics mean for energy healing?   According to Biosonics.com cymatic sound patterns help us visualize the behaviors of energy fields.   Energy Medicine practitioners observe physical, emotional, and mental patterns to arrive at an understanding of the energy field that causes those patterns.  When we listen to sound in the right setting it tunes us to a specific vibrational field. Within that energy field our awareness will shift, the tone of our nervous system will change, and the connective tissues throughout our body will vibrate to the sound.  Now there's scientific evidence, found at Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation, showing this sets off a cascading resonance of physiological events causing our cells to rhythmically puff nitric oxide, which then signals the release of the consciousness altering molecules. 

Even without modern scientific evidence the ancients understood the healing benefits of sound.  In ancient Greece music and sounds were played in spiritual temples where people came for healing.   The intervals of Gregorian chants sung in the great churches of Europe were designed to resonate with the physical proportions of the church.  These spiritual spaces were like tuning forks, leading people to higher states of consciousness.

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