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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Water energy

"W" is for Waterfalls

Went for a walk yesterday, by the waterfalls.

Mount Albian Falls, Hamilton Ontario
The ground was wet after the morning rain and I picked my route carefully, trying not to slip in the mud, trying to keep my running shoes relatively dry.  Kids and dogs caked in brown splashed past me.  I left the main trail and headed up the sharp hill, making my way around the rim of the falls, until I was directly opposite the rushing water.  I stood quietly, letting the sound of the water fill my ears.  Gradually I became aware of the energy of the water, the powerful surge as it hit rock, the reverberating splash into white.  The energy embraced me, pulling me forward.  I felt dizzy and held on to a small tree, afraid I would fall into the gorge below.  It was scary, yet exhilarating, and I stood mesmerized until footsteps in the gravel behind me broke the spell.  I tried to refocus on the energy, but the moment was gone, everyday reality flooded back in.   I was disappointed, but smiled at the couple as they took my place at the edge.  As I walked back to my car I wondered if they were feeling the pull of the water.... the energy of nature.

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  1. They are lovely aren't they. The interesting thing is, you can't make them happen. They sneak up on you when your "being" instead of "doing".


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