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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Overlords - changing the world one post at a time

I'm one of the newest recipients of the "Overlord Award" - thank you Mojo Writin'.  With the honour comes the duty to list 3 things I would change about the world.  I also have to identify 10 new overlords-in-waiting and notify them of their nomination.

Here goes:

3 things I would change about the world:

1.  Eliminate currency.  All currency: dollars, euros, shells, beans....whatever.  I have dreams of living in a post-consumer world in a future life.

2.  Erase geographic borders.  No rich country/poor country (already taken care of in #1) so get rid of borders and allow people to move freely across the earth.

3. Outlaw corporations.  Won't really need them (see #1) and don't want them trying to run cities, grow the food or own the water either.

Overlords-in-waiting (Bloggers changing the world one post at a time):

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  1. Thank you, that's very flattering!

  2. Thank you very much. I like the no currency rule. I always thought of it as like in Star Trek. They didn't use money.
    Never thought about the other 2, but they are pretty good too.
    I'll check out the other winners.

  3. I was sure I left a comment last night to say thanks. I linked my name here to the post, so now I am an overlord too. What shall we do with our new powers?

  4. @Rhonda - thanks for the link. Not sure what to do with my new found power.... but it will probably involve wine.... or chocolate.

  5. Late picking up my award, thanks to Blogger's commenting problems these past few weeks. Don't know what to do with so much power. You think you can, until the staff is placed in your hand... must think... Thank you for visiting me. Love your blog.

  6. @Sharlene T - glad to hear your back and commenting!


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