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Friday, February 5, 2021

Heal From Home



2021 has been a busy time!  We’ve devoted several weeks to designing and testing remote healing techniques to ensure they work just as effectively as in-person sessions.  

While not all of our techniques translate well to remote work (we will not be offering Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral remotely), Emotional Balancing, Muscle Tuning® and Reiki are perfectly suited to it.


Sessions we can do remotely:


Here's what clients have been saying about their remote session experience:

“I am happier overall.  I am falling asleep much faster and I wake up less.  Thanks for the peace of mind.”  Jason C.

“I have noticed an increase in overall energy and general well-being which has continued now for 2 weeks.”  Dea C.

“My energy level was up.  I also felt lighter in spirit.  It was a very gratifying session.”   Kathleen N.


A note about our fees:  In light of the heightened need for healing, and the financial impact of lockdowns, we have frozen fees at our 2020 rates.  Each session is $60 (includes tax).  If this amount is difficult for you, please contact me to discuss our compassionate pricing program.


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