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Touch For Health ™

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Touch for Health™ was developed in the United States through the collaboration of a Chiropractor and an Applied Kinesiologist.  It’s a system of balancing posture and energy to relieve stress, aches and pains so you can feel and function better, be more effective and enjoy your life! 

In a Touch for Health™ session muscles become monitors of stress and imbalance within the body.  Muscle testing is a very effective tool for detecting and correcting these imbalances.  Re-balancing the energy creates a beneficial effect, promotes healing, and can be safely used in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques.

The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, who champion professional excellence to support the growth of natural health and wellness, lists Touch for Health as a recognized discipline.   Read their information here.

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Popular Touch For Health Balances:

Emotional Stress Release Massage - gentle touch to special points on the head is a wonderfully relaxing way to release stress, relieve headaches, improve energy, mood, focus and concentration.  Safe support for mental health issues like depression, generalized anxiety or panic attacks.  Perfect for pregnancy concerns like "baby brain" and forgetfulness.  Followed by a Brazilian toe massage to balance your entire energy system.

Pain Relief - a variety of techniques are used to reduce the symptoms of pain, including the most common areas of complaint:
  • upper back
  • lower back and hip pain, tingling down the leg
  • stiff neck and headaches
  • knee pain

Fatigue/Energy Level -  in addition to improving your physical energy, increase your vitality and zest for life by clearing away those emotional barriers that are preventing you from attaining your personal goals.

Posture Improvement - injuries, repetitive use, aging and our emotions all affect our muscles.  Over time these effects can accumulate, impact our posture and result in various minor aches and pains.  Balancing the energy in the muscle meridians helps to restore posture, minimize discomfort and slow down that feeling of "just getting older". 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this site. It opened my mind to a few things that I never before had given much thought to.
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  2. You feel so good after an Emotional Stress Release massage. More grounded and focused

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