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Thursday, December 16, 2010

What everyone should know about sound therapy.

Are you looking for an easy way to relax and rejuvenate?   Then you're looking for sound therapy! 

What is sound therapy? 
 It is the therapeutic use of sound and music to promote healing. 

What benefits can you expect?
    * Better sleep
    * Reduced stress and its related disorders 
    * Improved mental concentration and creativity

How does it work?
By encouraging your body to resonate at a cellular level, and at a specific frequency, for each gland, organ, system and subtle body.  This helps your body to relax and balance itself, returning to a state of homeostasis and more optimal functioning.    

Why does this happen?
There is an incredible amount of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence supporting the benefits of sound therapy.   Researchers are working to bring this evidence to bear the weight of standard scientific scrutiny.  Below is a sampling of the many areas being investigated:

1.  Our whole universe, including our bodies, is made up a extremely tiny vibrating strings.  This idea is known as string theory and describes our universe as being composed of vibrating filaments (strings) and membranes (branes) of energy.  They vibrate and twist into different shapes, connect together and break apart.   This theory has important implications in modern energy healing arts and its concepts are similar to many ancient healing traditions.    Patricia R. Spadaro has more on the science of energy here:  The Science of Energy

2.  Our cells vary in size, and are giant compared to those theoretical strings.   The Centre for Neuroacoustic Research has studied direct stimulation of living cellular tissue with sound frequency vibration.   Since the human body is over 70% water, and since sound travels 5 times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at a cellular level.   They have also found that sound frequency pulse waves played directly into the body has a profound effect on the nervous system.   Far-reaching possibilities are inherent in using this type of vibrational technology in the areas of massage, energy work, physical healing, emotional release work, hypnosis, stress reduction, relaxation and meditation.

3.  Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has studied the effects of sound by photographing water crystals.   He plays different kinds of music next to the water samples, then freezes the samples resulting in crystals.  These crystalline structures are remarkably different, depending of the type of music they were exposed to.   To see some of his many beautiful photos click here.


  1. Speaking as someone who has received a sound therapy treatment from you, Laurie, I can attest that it definitely had a strong impact on my energy and my body. After that treatment, I felt as though I'd had a full-body, deep tissue massage, and that you'd done a lot of work to clear energetic blocks as well. People often say that they feel "tingly" after reiki, tai chi or other energy treatments. The sound therapy treatment I received from you left me tingly, but also more awake and alive feeling - like a shot of espresso without the jangled nerves. It was excellent.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience Melissa. I'm glad you found the treatment so beneficial. I must admit, it never ceases to amaze me how each client seems to get exactly what s/he needs from an energy treatment session.


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