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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Considering Reiki? Here's what you should know.

Before you're ready to pick up the phone and schedule your first appointment, you probably have some questions you'd like answered.  Here are there top 5 questions my Reiki clients ask, along with my answers:

Q. What exactly do you do?

A. I smooth your energy field.  Each body has a bio-field, or aura, which is affected by physical and emotional states of being.  Reiki, Shamballa, Therapeutic Touch and Chi Healing all work on the same principal.  Though they may use different approaches, they all aim to smooth the bio-field.  It is this smoothing that results in deep relaxation, increased energy, feelings of well being, and reduced stress which all enhance your body's ability to heal itself.

Q.  What do you feel when you're doing Reiki? 

A.  Once prepared for a treatment, my hands are highly sensitized and tingle as I put them into your bio-field.   Some areas feel smoother than others.  The smooth areas feel tingly, while the rough areas send little jolts of energy through my fingers.  It feels like little bolts of lightening or electrical shocks.  I can also experience heat (in my hands only or in my whole body), coolness in my hands, or even a "spacey" feeling in my head.   I focus on the rough areas, working on them until they feel smooth.  Once the whole bio-field feels smooth, your treatment is complete.

Q.  How do you prepare?

A.  I take ten minutes to relax, calm my mind and set my intention.  My intention is to be an energy conduit, to provide you with whatever you need for your  "highest and best".  This means I don't try to direct the energy in any way.  Nor do I take credit for the healing that takes place.  I am only a conduit for the universal energy - it and your body do the rest.

Q.  Why was your treatment different from my last Reiki treatment?

A.  Each Reiki student is taught the history of Reiki, shown the proper hand positions, receives an attunement, practices under the watchful eye of their master, then offers Reiki to others.   Because intuition varies from one Reiki practitioner to the next, and because intuition is a large part of Reiki, each practitioner slowly develops their own style.   It's kind of like cursive writing.  Remember how we were all taught to write our upper and lower case letters exactly the same?  They even gave us special paper with extra lines so our letters would all be exactly the same size.   Yet as we practiced over time we all developed our own distinct writing style.  The same thing happens with Reiki.

Q.  Can I learn Reiki? 

A.  YES!  Everyone can learn to give Reiki.  I believe it is something each and every human being can learn because energy is the nature of our existence.  Think about it this way:  Everyone can run, but only a tiny percentage of us are born with the ability to be an olympic athelete.   But that doesn't stop the rest of us from running marathons to raise money for charity, or running to catch the last bus.  It's the same with energy.  A tiny percentage of us are born with a natural talent, but that shouldn't stop the rest of us from learning enough to treat our own aches and pains, help relieve a friend's headache, or ease a loved-one's depression.  
Want to learn to feel energy?  Try the simple practice exercises found here and you will be feeling your own energy in no time!

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