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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doubting About

 "D" if for Doubt
Doubt is something I often struggle with when it comes to the healing energy arts.  Despite the fact that I personally feel the energy movement when I do Tai Chi, and despite the fact that every Reiki session results in tangible healing, I continue to doubt.  I know the source of this doubt.  It's because science takes us right up to the window of explanation, presses our noses hard against it, but we just can't taste the answer - yet.  Some days I think I'll be able to overcome my doubt, but other days I doubt it.


  1. I liked that last line :-)

    I think doubt exists in inverse proportion to acceptance - spiritual healing, it seems to me, is about accepting things as they are, in their true natures, and so learning to go with the flow rather than buck against it.

    Thinking that makes it absolutely no easier to attain clarity, of course...

  2. Well said! And thanks for your insight.

    I went to hear a spiritual healer speak last week - his message was very similar. The only thing stopping each and every one of us from being a healing is our belief that we can't.


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