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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Manifest that

"E" is for Energy

Science tells us that energy has many forms, like vibration, heat, particles and waves.  Einstein's famous "energy = matter times the speed of light squared"  explains (at least to those scientists) how energy can change form.  When we non-scientists say we "don't have the energy" for something we mean we're physically or emotionally tired. So what does a healer mean when she says "energy"?

She means all of the above and so much more.  She means the subtle energy field that surrounds your body.  She means the universal creative energy, the ultimate power that manifested all things.  (You may know it by another label - "spirit", "the divine" and "god" are popular ones.)  And she also means all that's been manifested including people, animals and all of nature.

We are energy that has been manifested into matter.... not matter that emits energy.

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