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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yangin' around

"Y" is for Yin-Yang 

The yin-yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese Taoist idea that there are two energies - the yin energy and the yang energy - that created the universe, and oppose each other to keep the universe in balance.  If you go too far along one, it becomes the other.  A great example of this is temperature.  If you put your hand in a bucket of ice water at first it feels really cold.  But if you leave it in there longer, you will feel a burning sensation - just like heat. 

Yin-yang is the unifying principle in Traditional Chinese Medicine (including proper diet and exercise).

You can find a very interesting pictorial explanation of how this symbol was developed here.

And here's what wikipedia has to say on the subject.
There's much symbolism within the symbol itself, and there's a myriad of interpretations. Here's a few of the ones I like:

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