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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final A-Z Challenge post

"Z" is for Zenith - the culminating point.

I've done it!  I've reached the zenith of the A-Z blogging challenge.  The last letter, the final post.

I started blogging as a way to focus my thoughts on the things I choose to think about, as opposed to what I get paid to think about.  (I envy anyone for who these are the same!)  Participating in the A-Z challenge not only ramped up my focus, it quadrupled my writing output and hooked me up with more than 1000 great bloggers.  I did my best, but haven't "met" everyone yet.  I hope the linky list continues to remain active so I can keep hitting the "surprise me" button.

Thanks to my co-challengers I've been inspired, learned some stuff, laughed a lot, and even done some cyber traveling.  All in all, it's been jolly good time.

While some folks are gearing up for their next challenge, I'm reverting back to my more relaxed blogging schedule of 3 or 4 posts per month.   The challenge is over, but the fun continues......


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  2. Thanks Karen - and I have found your blog inspiring! Looking forward to reading your future posts.


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