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Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Long A-Z challenge....

It's May.  

The April A-Z blogging challenge is over.  And what a month it was!  

Thanks to all my new followers.  Even though I will be reverting back to my pre-challenge blogging habits of 3 or 4 posts per month, I hope you keep the comments coming - it's always great to hear from you.

Congratulations to all of you for the hard work and great posts!

I'll be keeping in touch.


  1. Brilliant choice of pictures =)

    I'm glad I've met you and see you around! :-)

  2. It was a great experience! Great post by the way:) Very funny and interesting. Great blog by the way!

  3. Thanks and congratulations to you for finishing the challenge as well! That high five photo is tooo cute! Would you believe this....you and I posted the exact same photo of that lady passed out on a laptop! LOL

    The Madlab Post

  4. @ KC Woolf - Thanks and right back at ya!

    @ Stephanie - Thanks, and yes, it's been quite the experience hasn't it!

    @ Nicole - you know what they say... great minds think alike! :)

  5. Love your photo! OMGoodness, my surfing came to a screeching halt when your photo caught my eye. Darned if that wasn't how I felt too.

    Truly, it was quite a month. I found some great blogs and wonderful new buddies.

  6. Your first picture captures exactly how I feel! I must get over it very quickly though I have a major deadline 5/15...
    It is nice to meet you, late is better than never right? I look forward to getting to know you)

  7. Great job completing hte challenge. I just found you and am now following.

    I am a huge dragon fan, so I love your picture!

  8. congrats on making it through a trying month!

  9. Yay, we did it! It was great meeting you and I hope we can stay in touch. And yeah, that image is excellent!

  10. Glad you enjoyed the Challenge! Don't slack too much - even twice a week will keep the momentum going.
    Be sure to visit and grab the Challenge badge and award buttons!

  11. @Huntress - the new friends are definitely worth it!

    @Doreen - good luck on your deadline - looking forward to getting to know you too.

    @E.C.Smith - thanks! I'll be checking you out too.

    @Baygirl32 - thanks - it's been worth all the work!

    @Langley - the great thing about the challenge has been all the connections - will keep in touch.

    @Alex J. Cavanaugh - you are right - creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed - thanks for the reminder!!

  12. Laurie! Thank you for picking up the award! It was one challenging, but fun month, wasn't it?

    We did it! Congratulations!!! :D

  13. @Elizabeth Mueller - thank YOU for creating the award! It was a fun month, wasn't it!

  14. Sorry I haven't made it by before. I’m so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

  15. @Sylvia Ney - There were just sooo many to visit....better late than never! :)


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