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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lost. And found?

A weekly post, on a topic selected by Word Nerd Speaks .

Lost:  Ancient wisdom.

AKA: Shamanism, Taoism, Paganism.  Goes by many other aliases depending on country of origin and placement on historic timeline.  Intuitive approach to spirituality and healing, focuses on balanced interaction with the natural environment.    Commonly mistaken for out-dated superstition, this wisdom is incredibly powerful.  If found explore fully with an open mind. 

Found:  Healing energy arts.

AKA: Reiki, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Goes by many other aliases depending on country of origin and placement on historic time line.   Intuitive approach to spirituality and healing, focuses on balanced interaction with the natural environment.    Commonly mistaken as new-age mumbo jumbo, these energy arts are incredibly powerful.  If not fully shared with an open mind see "Lost".


  1. Very interesting! I took some Reiki classes years ago. :)

  2. @ResidentGamer - I hope you found your Reiki classes interesting too. I find it all very interesting.....

  3. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Wow, this was captivating! Well done!


  5. my sis is a massage therapist, understand the "palm" therapy. When i leave her office i literally feel a foot taller...the key to "have it last" : ) I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT your choice of colors an ENERGY HERE!! awesome! MUAH!

  6. I think there is much wisdom in seeking the most natural solutions for healing. Too many doctors (and patients, too) ignore what the mind and body are capable of and opt to go straight to methods than can do every bit as much harm as good. Nice post!

  7. @ Joyce Lansky - glad you liked the pics - thanks.

    @ Diana - thank you

    @Kathy21956 - glad you enjoyed

    @Brenda Stevens - I've experienced that too - isn't it a neat sensation?

    @Mojo Writin' - thanks

    @Word Nerd - You're so right. The mind/body is capable of some pretty amazing stuff with no negative side effects.

  8. I like how you approached Lost and Found. Great job. :)
    Cheers, Jenn.

  9. @Jenn - thanks. What I love about blogging challenges is the amazing variety of responses to the same topic.

  10. Laurie Namaste,

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and thank you for the follow! Likewise! I love the way you have responded to this week's theme. When I was in India, I studied with Dr Ram Bhosle who created a system of sound/energy healing he termed, 'Samvahan.' He was a fascinating man. And the Master's I currently work with (though from the Yogic tradition) are incredible Shamans.

    Om, om, om,

    With Blessings,


  11. My younger daughter is a Reiki master (I think that's the right term--she teaches people how to use it), as well as a licensed massage therapist, RN, BSN, MSN, and this fall will become an adjunct health professor at a private university. I tell you all this so you understand the mix of alternative and traditional medicine in her knowledge base. I laughed off Reiki until she used it on me. I'm now a believer.

  12. @Julie Hoyle - You are lucky to have the opportunity to work and learn with so many talented people!

    @Angela Parson Myers - thank heaven for people like your daughter who bring the healing energy arts into the mainstream as complementary modalities! Slowly, very slowly, the mainstream is beginning to accept the possibilities.

  13. VERY interesting! My family uses homeopathy almost exclusively as our medicine. We love it. I think I'll follow and see what else you have to share about these topics. I enjoyed this post! :)

  14. Creative approach to lost and found! The Healing Arts have been lost, or perhaps misunderstood, but now, thankfully, we are finding them and using them again.

    My Lost and Found GBE 2 blog is here: http://helpforsingleparents.blogspot.com/2011/06/lost-and-found-teachers-who-kill-their.html

  15. Great stuff. I think new age healing practices have some merit. :P Maybe scientists should look into finding explanations as to why these treatments actually work. :)

  16. @Maggie - congrats on the homeopathy - its a great healing modality. And thanks for the "follow" :)

    @Theresa Wiza - Thanks. I'm doing what I can to help others rediscover them.

    @nutschell - Scientific research is such a political quagmire.... and the scientists that focus on complementary healing risk ruining their reputation. But their research is so compelling, they publish it despite the risks....and we should be thankful for their contributions and sacrifices.


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