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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking Ownership

Ownership usually begins with a financial transaction, but not always.  You can, for example, decide to take ownership over your own health.   While the idea of owning your state of health is free, following through once you've made the decision certainly isn't.  But that's okay, because you're prepared to spend a bit of money on yourself.  
Let's say you're feeling stressed out and have $40 to put towards helping you feel better.   Let's compare some of the ways you might spend that money:

A big basket of junk food

One very nice bottle of wine.  (Or four cheap ones if you're really stressed).

A few bottles of pain relievers.

While none of the above are effective long term solutions, they are, unfortunately, the most popular self-medication choices.  Going to a spa for pampering and relaxation is a much better choice, but all $40 will get you is .....

half of a European facial

So what can you get for $40 that is safe, effective and healthy? 

One relaxing, rejuvenating and blissful hour of Reiki! 


  1. Ownership of our health...oh, boy - you really hit the nail on the head for me these days. I live a healthy life style but want to take it a step further. We all have choices how we went to treat our temple that holds our spirit, which is our body. Lord knows, our body can take a beating.

    Thanks for this post and making us think!

  2. If I ate all that junk food, I would feel so sick.
    I could go for some good Reiki relaxation though.

  3. oh well, since no one seems to want the basketful of goodies...I'll take those off your hands! That's pretty much my idea of health food, when the sun isn't shining. I am solar powered so if there's no sun, I have to resort to junk food. It works.

  4. @beachlover - you're so right - we're so busy living in our heads we forget to take care of what's holding it up.

    @Ruth - ya, I'd feel horrible too if I ate all that stuff.

    @Jo - I think we're all solar powered - I know those gray, overcast days just seem to suck the energy right out of me. And I will admit, on those days junk food can seem like the answer.....

  5. Ownership of my health...my tail is between my legs. But wait! Let me grab that bottle of wine first before I skulk away...

  6. Dark chocolate and port wine or
    Ginger beer and extra cheesy pizza or
    crochet/knitting and an ebook

  7. @Amy McMunn Schindler - who's to say you're not taking care of yourself if you share it with friends over a healthy dinner?

    @The Frizzy Hooker - dark chocolate and hearty red wine is one of my favourite flavour combos!

  8. LOL love the ON TARGET examples HOW TRUE; recently sought out a nutritionist to help me with my eating habits; its been LIFE ALTERATION!! and i have energy now AND lost 26 lbs a few more to goal to meet my private goal.

    Eating fresh foods, breathing in truth...exhaling out all the negative...just gotta make sure my dogs or bird isn't around...LOL

  9. @Brenda Stevens - "breathing in truth...exhaling the negative" - love that! And congrats on your successes! :)

  10. *having a bit of chocolate with Robin*

    The junk food doesn't appeal to me very often, wine occasionally, and pills absolutely never. I have a friend who is a Reiki Master, and when she was learning, I volunteered. She's across the country and wanted to try distance Reiki, and we were both pleased to find that we really were in tune, even though not in the same physical place. I haven't looked for a local practitioner, though I had planned to. I'm a firm believer in meditation and love how when I give myself the gift of a little time, everything else falls into place.

  11. @Word Nerd - as you know, distance Reiki is as effective as Reiki in the room, so you don't have to change practitioners unless you want to. I too am a firm believer in meditation - you cannot over-state it's emotional benefits!

  12. Laurie, I love your blog. I have given you an award and you can pick it up here. Thank you

  13. @ladydragonfly - thank you! I'll be by to pick it up and check out your blog.


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