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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Earth Dragon Healing - now offering Touch for Health energy balances

I am happy to announce that in addition to Reiki and Sound healing, I am now offering Touch for Health energy balances.

What is Touch For Health?  As Matthew Thie, President, explains “Touch for Health is a system of balancing posture, attitude and life energy to relieve stress, aches and pains, feel and function better, be more effective, clarify and achieve your goals and enjoy your life!”  Click here to read more about Touch for Health  

Using the principles of Chinese medicine, Touch for Health is based on muscle testing, massage, energy work and postural alignment.  It includes techniques to reduce stress and pain, and to release negative emotions that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

Stress & Pain

Every thought and emotion affects our body.  We all know the physical symptoms that intense emotions can create - muscle tension, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, etc.   It’s important to realize that even less intense, fleeting thoughts and emotions can be held in the body.    Everyday little life-things you may have forgotten, that your body remembers and accumulates.   If not released and rebalanced, these can continue to accumulate until your body responds with discomfort, and eventually pain and/or illness.  

The body works on a priority basis.  On it’s own priorities.  Think of it like layers of an onion.  This could mean, for example, that your goal is to relieve your low back pain, yet after a couple of balances your back still hurts.  But your sinuses are clearer, your mood is improved and you’re sleeping better.  Those were your body’s priorities.  Be patient - as you remove the layers your priority will be revealed and released.

Achieving your Goals

Touch for Health has a comprehensive protocol for identifying and achieving wellness oriented goals.  Working with the related meridian metaphors can get your own intuitive perceptions flowing, allowing you to creatively problem solve, move forward and reach your goals.  The body’s priority basis also applies to the goal setting process.  The related muscle testing is important to help keep you focused on your body’s priorities and improve your results.

Click here for details on how to arrange a Touch for Health energy balance.

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