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Monday, February 15, 2016

Honour the Mystery

The human body is amazing.  It's natural state is homeostasis - a fine balance of it's many inherent systems.  We call this health.  When the body is not in homeostasis it works hard at regaining it.  We call this healing.

Doctors can explain in exquisite detail what happens at the cellular level when we heal, what order it will happen in, what mechanisms will enhance the healing, and what mechanisms will inhibit it.  But what they cannot explain is how it happens.

What is the fundamental, underlying process that causes it all to happen?    There are so many opinions!  It's Ki, Chi, Prana, God, The Divine, or Life Force to name just a few.   Despite centuries of medical and spiritual inquiry, we still can't prove anything.  It's one of the great mysteries of life.

"We honour the mystery of this healing system that is designed into the soul.  We do not need to know, and we acknowledge that we will not fully know how the healing really takes place.  We are interested in the mechanisms of how things happen, but we also recognize that the mystery of how the healing system actually functions will never be completely known."

TOUCH FOR HEALTH, The Complete Edition
 by Dr John Thie and Matthew Thie

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