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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Find Reiki - Lose Stress

"It is good, I think, for our hearts, our minds, our imaginations, to be stretched; but body, nerve, endurance and life-span are not as elastic."   Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Anne Morrow Lindbergh wrote those words in 1955.  A time when we were just beginning to suspect the finer mysteries of the quantum world and no one questioned the separation of mind from the body.   Well things have changed.  We now know humans have a subtle energy field and this field cannot be separated from the functioning of the mind-body.  But that doesn't make Anne Morrow Lindbergh's quote out-dated.  In fact, it's more poignant than ever.  Our modern world constantly stretches our hearts, minds and imaginations.  If you watch the news, hold down a job or live with children you're stretched alright - maybe even to the point of snapping!  This stretching takes a toll on the physical body - we call it stress.  Stress impairs your immune system and an impaired immune system makes you more susceptible to illness and injury.

So how do you reduce stress?  First, turn off the news.  Trust me - you won't miss anything important.  (If anything really big happens people will talk about it.  Listen if you want.)   You probably can't afford to quit your job, and children stay at home into their 30's these days.  So what can you do?

Try Reiki!  It balances your subtle energy field and promotes deep relaxation.   This level of relaxation allows your body to do what it does best - heal itself - and creates vitality and wellness at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Go ahead - give Reiki a try.  All you can lose is your stress.

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  1. A writer friend of mine is also a Reiki Master. When she was learning, I was her guinea pig and later was her first paying client. We don't live near each other and she was interested in trying distance Reiki, so we scheduled a few sessions. I know that there is some disagreement as to the value (if any) of distance Reiki, but I can tell you that I felt it. Later when we compared notes on the sessions, I reported feelings in areas on the very schedule that she was sending them. Very interesting.

  2. @Word Nerd - thanks for sharing your Reiki experience! I also send distance Reiki healing to people and we compare notes after the session. Every one of them has reported the same experience you have! Even more interesting, on one occasion while I was sending Reiki to someone several thousand miles away I kept hearing voices and seeing images in my head (this doesn't usually happen). When we compared notes the next day the receiver admitted to having forgotten about the session as a friend had unexpectedly dropped by just before the scheduled time. To our surprise, I had heard their conversation and saw an item the friend had brought with him. Very interesting indeed!

  3. I am a first degree Reiki healer so I will easily agree it is great for stress reduction. Great post. Thanks. (I started a new blog this week, I linked my name to it. I am still doing Laugh Quotes, now I have two, please stop by the new one and check it out if you have a chance)

  4. @Rhonda - checked our your new blog - totally enjoyed your silly Sunday joke! I can't follow you (having technical difficulties) but have bookmarked it and will be back.


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